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FCS LV1 Lymphatic-Venous System

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8:30am to 5:00pm



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LV1 will instruct practitioners on all of the known LV techniques for the extremities and all the visceral techniques to address organ dysfunction, global inflammation and chronic thoracolumbar pain. The class also will include recently added (2023) techniques for the upper GI and pelvic girdle like the PAN-LV, and PELV-LV (can give examples of impact such as prostatitis, hemorrhoids, pelvic pain syndromes, upper GI dysfunction..)


  • Physiological rationale for vascular dysfunction
  • Anatomy and Physiology of the Lymphatic and venous Systems
  • Research regarding the contractile properties of Lymphatic System and fascia
  • Clinical signs and symptoms of venous and lymphatic dysfunction
  • FCS techniques to correct venous/lymphatic dysfunction of the trunk, extremities, organs and regional bursae


  • Improve knowledge of Anatomy, Physiology and function of the venous & Lymphatic System
  • Learn to recognize lymphatic and venous dysfunction in the body
  • Gain proficiency in the treatment of venous & lymphatic dysfunction utilizing newly developed Fascial Counterstrain techniques


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