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FCS AR: The Arterial System

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FCS AR explores the newly discovered entity of arterial-fascial dysfunction. This condition, identified by the presence of specific arterial tender points, is essentially a vasospasm of the large, named arteries of the body. Symptoms examples include : myalgia, Achilles tendonitis, epicondylitis, migraines, pseudo-radiculopathies, LBP, cervicalgia, Adhesive Capsulitis, patella-femoral dysfunction, TMD, etc. Treatment of Arterial dysfunction using SCS normalizes elevated vascular tone, and alleviates all associated musculoskeletal symptoms.


  • Origin of Arterial SCS
  • Anatomy and Physiology of the Arterial System
  • Review the anatomy and physiology of arterial fascia (tunica adventitia) and its nociceptive and mechanoreceptive properties
  • Understand how nocifensive and nociautonomic reflexes lead to the formation of arterial tenderpoints.
  • Gain proficiency in over 85 newly developed SCS techniques to correct arterial-fascial dysfunction in all parts of the body.


  • Improve your understanding of arterial anatomy and physiology including vascular tunics.
  • Learn to recognize the signs and symptoms of arterial dysfunction in the body.
  • Learn to diagnose and correct arterial dysfunction utilizing newly developed Strain Counterstrain techniques.


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