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Fascial Counterstrain Australia

Fascial Counterstrain is a cutting-edge, hands-on approach for the assessment, identification and correction of one of the most common sources of pain and dysfunction in the human body.


Foundations of Fascial Counterstrain – FCS 1

Date: Feb 9th – 11th

Foundations of Fascial Counterstrain is your entry level course into the world of neuro-fascial dysfunction. Type1 & Type2 dysfunctions will…..

Musculoskeletal 2 – Periosteum

Date: TBA

Explore advanced concepts in musculoskeletal treatment focusing on the periosteum. Periosteal FCS is capable of correcting/reducing osseous deformitites including kyphosis…..

Lymphatic & Venous Part1

Date: TBA

LV1 will instruct practitioners on all of the known LV techniques for the extremities and all the visceral techniques to address the organ dysfunction, global inflmmation and chronic…..