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Foundations of FCS

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$1,099.00 inc GST

Feb 9th-11th, 2024

8:30am to 5:00pm


Treacy Centre

126 The Avenue Parkville

Melbourne, Victoria 3052

Phone: +613 8359 0101

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Foundations of “Fascial Counterstrain” (FCS) is your entry level course into the amazing world of neuro-fascial dysfunction. This course, which acts as the pre-requisite for the recently developed FCS series, will provide students with the skills necessary to complete the FCS curriculum and number of powerful techniques from each system in the fascial series: Viscera, Arterial System, Lymphatic-Venous, Nervous System, and Musculoskeletal System. In addition to the physiological rationale behind FCS, students will be carefully instructed in the FCS “Cranial Scan” which allows for instant diagnostic information regarding every system of the human body. Students will leave this class with the ability to treat a wide variety of structures such as the epidural veins, visceral ligaments, radicular arteries and the sympathetic chain. You may be aware that techniques exist to treat dysfunction outside of the musculoskeletal system. Become one of those rare practitioners who can assess and treat ALL systems. Change lives, not just symptoms, become a Fascial Counterstrain practitioner.

Prerequisites: None


  • Introduction & physiological rational of FCS
  • Evolution and technical application of FCS
  • The FCS cranial scan and labs
  • Selected techniques/labs for all 5 fascial systems


  • Gain understanding of the physiological rationale behind Fascial Counterstrain
  • Understand the concept and symptoms of dysfunction in “fascial systems”
  • Utilizing a comprehensive array of diagnostic tools in tandem to optimize patient outcomes
  • Gain proficiency in FCS “ Cranial Scan”
  • Gain proficiency in approximately 30 selected FCS techniques

Taught by:

  • Brian Tuckey (via Zoom)
  • Dr Syed Hussain (Osteopath)
  • Dr Adam Vounoridis (Osteopath)

Student Discount:

  • If you are a student of Health discipline please email us your student ID and name to get a student discount.

2 reviews for Foundations of FCS

  1. Ty

    This is the course to go to if you struggle to treat chronic & idiopathic dysfunctions/pain symptoms. FCS foundation will provide you the science, assessment tools and a set of fundamental techniques to help you unlock your patients’ puzzles.

  2. Emily (verified owner)

    Absolutely inspiring and mind blowing! The benefits to learning fascial counterstrain technique are very clearly demonstrated. Can’t wait to further my knowledge with more courses.

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